The executive team of Diya Afkar: Jurnal Studi al-Qur'an dan al-Hadis invites the author to submit their article here. Future Issues for December 2019, Volume 7, issues 2. 

The journal accepts submissions of manuscripts from any issues related to quranic and hadith studies, such as 'ulum al-Quran, 'lum al-Hadith, tafsir, living al-Quran, contemporary perspective on quranic and hadith, etc

Deadline: November 15, 2019.

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How to submit in the  Diya Afkar: Jurnal Studi al-Qur'an dan al-Hadis can be downloaded template here

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Muhamad Zaenal Muttaqin; Email: [email protected] (+6282210831252)

Posted: 2019-06-29
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