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The Best Cyber Monday Deals On IOS Apps & Games For Your IPhone

"Nina" (2018-02-05)

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The Nintendo GameCube was woefully underrated in its time, failing to compete commercially with its rivals. If you already own TM, keep checking the App Store or Google Play for the update to go live (if you play via Steam, it's already out there via Early Access, which means it's not free). There is a wide range of upgrades, troops and buildings to choose from and while there are wait times for building it's not so slow as to force you into an in-app purchase - although the option is there if you want it.

Since we are now charging headlong into 2018 facing the threat of global annihilation (and, worse, another series of Celebrity Big Brother), it seems like the perfect time to have a look back to see which games stood out from what may well turn out to be our last full year on this godforsaken globe.

Introduced on Google Play in July 2014, the "Offline Games" section aims to introduce users to games (free and paid) that do not require Internet access to operate. After many trials and tribulations, we arrived at the list you're about to dive into: the best games you can enjoy on your iPhone today.

With the seemingly endless amount of games you can get on the App Store, there is bound to be something for everyone. We didn't want to set the star rating so low that damn near every PC game qualified for the guide, yet we didn't want to set the star rating so high that we exclude quality B-tier games, such as Killer Is Dead and Transformers: Devastation.

The blood-soaked sequel in Bethesda's rebooted Wolfenstein series brings the action back to America, where players once again fill the boots of B.J. Blazkowicz, fighting to restore freedom to the country from underneath a Nazi occupation the only way he knows how to get free gems in golf clash: with lots and lots of guns.

But, despite its moniker, the Edge is actually one of the most comfortable chairs to sit on, especially when you're playing on your PC. The simple premise is to blow up or 'frag' your enemies and with 370 levels and 12 different worlds to get through, there's plenty to keep you occupied when you've got a spare commuting minute or two.

Even if you wish to use the web server and a wifi connection to your iDevice, the first time you test something on your iDevice you will have to make sure that it is connected to your Mac using the USB cable, as GameMaker: Studio will need to place the YoYo Runner onto it. After this initial "push" however you are free to use Wifi to connect to your device, as long as the Web Server settings are correct (see above).

On paper at least, you would've thought this would be the best bet to make sense to real snowboarders, but in the end a stellar cast including Travis Rice , Wolle Nyvelt and Nicolas Müller , plus backing from Absinthe, and even our sister mag Onboard , was let down by absolutely horrible gameplay physics and endless, rock-filled terrain maps.

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