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Article Marketing - The Best Traffic Isn't Bought, But Earned

"Roberta" (2018-02-19)

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Targeted traffic is the best way to drive motivated "I want to spend my money on your web site kind of traffic" to your website. You have to advertise to targeted audiences. Audiences that are already interested and willing to buy your product. This way, all they need to do is visit your website and your marketing techniques extract every penny in there pocket.

If you don't party already know, let me tell you one honest truth. If you want to get good solid traffic for free you have to get good top search engine rankings. Having used the program I am reviewing right now I know that having good search rankings is the key to free traffic on autopilot. It is as simple as that.


With a good landing page, you should capture at least 40% of the traffic that is sent your way. So, now you'll be building an email list you can follow up with time and time again.

The big reason is because your fan page serves two purposes. One, you want to get an interested person to "like" your page. Secondly, you want to capture their name and email to be able to further follow-up with them off of the social network. You must carry the conversation off of Facebook.

Media buying has been a round long before Google popped along. In fact before Google it was one of the only ways to buy traffic. However it's only recently gained quite a bit of attention and is become one of the best ways of buying traffic.

Number three, placement ad. Many ad networks including blog networks, Google AdWords or Chitika will allow you to target your campaign to one particular website. That means you can run ads but only on one single blog if that person is showing adsense money or Chitika ads. That way they have to party show your ad on every page of their site because you're paying for those particular ads.

It may be easy to discount the value of a four dollar return but before you do, think about spending $1,000 on advertising and returning $1,200! Now, what if you invested $10,000 and brought in $12,000? At that level, a 20% return is pretty phenomenal. You can feel very pleased with even a 10% return on an AdWords campaign.

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