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Directories & Google

"Violette" (2018-02-26)

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Directories & Google
By Clare Lawrence 15th August 2004

Can listings in directories help my rank on Google?

Google the leading search engine considers several actors in its ranking algorithm, firstly it considers the text content of a sites web pages and decides what theme it belongs to.

Next it looks at the number of links inbound to each page, particularly important are links from related themed web pages.

So a web page about domain names, using the key phrase domain name registration with lots of links inbound from related sites such as other domain registration will do well.

A sites content rank will depend on its rating compared to other competitive websites. Greater relevancy and linkage brining a better ranking.

Directories if properly constructed can fit the bill. Remember Google resolves web pages and not sites, so if a directory has a page sufficiently dedicated to your theme then it is worth submitting to.

Directories can use ?jump text? which prevents data harvesting, but unfortunately removes the value of the links.

Should I pay or not? There are sufficient free directories out there, so there is no need to pay.

Ones to consider ? DMOZ, allthebizz, smallerbizz, Gimpsy, wowdirectory.

Larger directories such as Yahoo maybe worth paying to list in as they can bring traffic in their own right.

For more about google apps for personal use/google apps for business review the web-page.

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