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Scientiae Educatia: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains [p-ISSN 2303-1530| e-ISSN 2527-7596] publishes a scientific paper on the result of the study and review of the literature in sphere of natural sciences education and natural sciences. This journal collaborates with Perkumpulan Pendidik IPA Indonesia (PPII) / Indonesian Society for Science Educators

This journal published twice a year in June and December

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Vol 7, No 2 (2018): December (2018)

Table of Contents


The Utilization of Coconut Water Waste As a Growth Media of the In-Vitro Potato Cutting PDF
Hafsan Hafsan, Muhammad Khalifah Mustami, Masriany Masriany, Isna Rasdianah Aziz, Mustakim Mustakim 108-116
Developing Two-Tier Essay for Diagnostic Test Instrument to Identify Student Learning Difficulty PDF
Bagas Abiyyu Pratama, Bambang Subali, Pratiwi Dwijananti 117-128
The Effectiveness of Simulation Methods on Prospective Teachers’ Professionalism in Science Learning PDF
Muhamad Jalil 129-145
The Potential of Local Wisdom on Traditional Fishing (Tangkul) Gear in Lake Sipin Jambi City as a Science Learning Source PDF
Jufrida Jufrida, Fibrika Rahmat Basuki, Dwi Risky Pratiwi 146-158
The Effectiveness of Bioentrepreneurship Learning Using Comics on the Sub Concepts of Angiosperms for High School Students PDF
Yuliana Putri, Ria Yulia Gloria, Asep Mulyani 159-172
Thyroid Nodule Inspection as Consideration for Surgery PDF
. Yuliana 173-182
Developing Practicum Module of Particle Dynamics Based on Scientific Methods to Improve Students' Science Process Skills PDF
Irnin Agustina Dwi Astuti, Indra Yahdi Putra, Yoga Budi Bhakti 183-196
Traditional Biotechnology Content as a Media in Engaging Students with System Thinking Skills PDF
Tri Wahyu Agustina, Nuryani Rustaman, Riandi Riandi, Widi Purwianingsih 197-217

Front & Back Matter

Front & Back Matter Volume 7 (2): December 2018 PDF