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Maximizing Your Book Storage For Easy Access and Functionality

by Dorris Clary (2020-09-12)

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I love books and usually have too many, although that seems tough to imagine. I read regularly, buy books much more commonly as some are for anchortext reference, plus they manage to compare in all places. Despite the amount of storage locations I have I always manage to both be running out of space and constantly apparently have difficultly choosing the books I want. There are some good solutions, and here is what I did.

First of all, I had most of my books. Some, I'm just never planning to read again. Others I may read again but I don't have any need to own today. For example, I may read Shakespeare again, but not soon. Both these types of books I gave away to a local swap shop, with the exception of a few I in love with eBay that I knew were particularly valuable. There were several books which were essentially useless.

These included a number of manuals for things I no longer owned and several totally obsolete computer as well as other technical books and guides. Into recycling those went! Of the books that remained, I separated them into three categories, reference books, books I might read or access again soon, and those that I wanted to maintain but had no remotely immediate requirement of. The latter category went into long-term storage, which for me personally means the attic. They went into cardboard boxes which were well labeled when ever I might desire them later on.

Books I wanted to possess handy but didn't use as references went in the various bookcases I have. And reference books went in the office on my own office shelves.

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