Mahkamah : Jurnal Kajian Hukum Islam

MAHKAMAH   is a periodical saintific journal with p-ISSN: 2355-0546 e-ISSN: 2502-6593 published by the Department of Family Law (Al-Ahwal Al-Syakhsiyyah) Faculty of Shariah and Islamic Economics in collaboration with the Consortium of Islamic Law Lecturer IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon. Mahkamah: Jurnal Kajian Hukum Islam contains the text of a review of the thought or research result of Islamic law. The excecutive team of mahkamah invite scientists, scholars, professionals, and researchers in Islamic legal disciplines to publish your thoughts and research after the selection mechanism of manuscripts, review of reviewer, and the process of editing. Mahkamah: Jurnal Kajian Hukum Islam is published twice a year. This journal has been indexed in a reputable national indexing instiution.

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