Vol 3, No 1 (2021)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24235/ijas.v3i1

Table of Contents


The Contributions of Ibn Jinni in Poetic Meter and Rhyme of Arabic Poetry
Mohamed Aziz Abdelmaksoud Sayed Ahmed, Ragab Ibrahim Ahmed Awad, Elsayed Mohamed Salem Alawadi 1-18
Translating proverbs between Malay and Arabic from a linguistic perspective to semantic change (Strategy and Pillars) PDF
Mohd Azizul Rahman Bin Zabidin, Ummu Hani Binti Abbas 19-36
Problems of Teaching Arabic to non-Native Speakers in Religious Schools in Sri Lanka; with special reference to Al-Bari, Al-Ghafouriya and Jamiathul Falah Arabic Colleges PDF
Mohamed Nafeel Mohamed Zawahir 37-54
Jihadist expression in the scripts of the film "The Lion of the Desert" PDF
Zaenal Masduqi 55-68
Difficulties faced by second language learners of Arabic when translating Tamil sentences into Arabic PDF
Mohammed Sainulabdeen Zunoomy, Mohammed Cassim Sithy Shathifa 69-96
Word Production (Al-Tawlīd Al-Luġawy) in Arabic: Causes and Types PDF
Uki Sukiman 97-112
The Linguistic Structure of Persuasive Discourse on Social Media (A Study in Persuasive Language Tools) PDF
Ridwan Adewale Tidjani 113-139